In two words our lifeGROUPS exist to… Build Relationships.

With our church family growing on Sunday, it can be challenging to know others and share your journey with them.  We’ve found lifeGROUPS are vital to growing our relationships with Jesus, others, and the communities we serve.


Commitment: 9-12 weeks.   Each gathering lasts about 1.5 –2 hours.

Group Size: Typically 6-14 adults

When & Where: Groups meet almost any day and time of the week (except Sunday mornings) at homes, coffee shops, and other relational settings.

You Can Expect: You’ll meet new people.  Have meaningful conversations.  Be encouraged and respected.  Be given opportunities to grow personally and to serve others.

Parents with kids: Some groups welcome kids as part of their group, while others have different child care options.

Disclaimer: We can’t promise you’ll meet your future spouse, BFF, or new business partner. 


  1. Join a Group//

Sign up for a group during the next signup season (September, January, April).  Each session has three Sundays dedicated to helping everyone find a group!

  1. Host a Group//

Perhaps you have the gift of hospitality, but aren’t called to facilitate group discussions. You’d be a great host!  Email if you have the slightest interest in hosting a group at your home.

  1. Lead a Group//

Without leaders there are no groups, simple as that.  We are dependent on people stepping into leadership roles to offer enough groups for everyone.  We will walk alongside you as you lead a group and give you all the support you need.    Email to find out more about joining our amazing leadership team.