Challenged Accepted (Week 1)

Nov 5, 2023    Brad Brenner

Think back to a time where someone challenged you to do something that took you way beyond your stretch zone, and actually put the "I DARE YOU!" on the challenge. Most men are wired to do stupid things and dangerous things in order to dare one another, right?


While we make crazy and silly challenges, when God challenges us, it's for our best! It isn't crazy and silly. In fact, it may be scary when He challenges us, but His intent is to grow us in our faith, to build us up, and throw out a challenge that would put us in our stretch zone, maybe even in a panic zone. However, we need to remember that God always has what's best for us in mind when He challenges us! So, this series is called “Challenge Accepted” and it's a three-week series on giving that will challenges us because of its importance.